Goodbye to the Vesta truck...

Goodbye to the Vesta truck...
April 2013: We're sad to announce that the Vesta Flatbread food truck's last service will be April 13th. We are tremendously grateful for you, our amazing customers. Your support, loyalty, and positive feedback kept us going while we grew our business from a humble pop-up tent at two farmer's markets to a flashy brick oven-bearing food truck serving 4-5 days a week in three different cities. It's been an incredible ride. Vesta will be on hiatus for the remainder of the year, but stay tuned for more Vesta news in the future, as our quest for a brick and mortar project progresses.

Geeking out with the millers

One of the aspects of this venture so far that's been the most fun for us foodie geeks has been finding our ingredients. This may seem like a mundane task, but it's opened up worlds of knowledge and community by way of making connections with the local producers of our food.

This week I was privileged to have the opportunity to get in on a three-day baking intensive at the SF Baking Institute, given by Keith and Nicky Giusto of Central Milling. We baked piles and piles of gorgeous crusty loaves in their beautiful deck ovens. Keith Giusto---a down-home character under whose country twang and off-color jokes lives the methodical soul of a true baker---is also a savvy businessman and master miller. While we waited for our breads to rise he proudly showed slideshows of heirloom wheat varietals, farmers in their wheat fields, the Yorkshire Terrier that he named one of their custom flour mixes after ("Herbie"), and machinery like the "farinograph" which analyzes properties of flours. For a bread nerd like me, it was hog heaven. Of course, now I have to bust my flatbread formula open again to test the five or six flours I came home with. I'm kind of rooting for Herbie.     ----Jenya

We're In!

As most of you may have heard, beginning the first week in March, Vesta will debut at a farmers market near you.

The markets are:

* Thursday San Rafael Civic Center, 8 am - 1 pm
* Saturday Oakland Grand Lake, 9 am - 2 pm
* Sunday Walnut Creek, 8 am - 1 pm (approval still pending)

Can't wait to see you there !!!

- The Vesta gals.

Oh, by the way, check out our new pimped out trailer:

Winter Brews Festival: A Recap

We are so proud to have debuted at this first rate Oakland event. Many thanks to Adam at Linden Brewery, the one man show who made it all possible. A few thousand friendly Oakland folks turned out on a sunny winter day to taste killer local microbrews, listen to live music, check out locally made clothes and bikes, and behold the flaming snail car.

We were one of three food vendors: Emergency BBQ turns tri-tip and more out of a gutted EMC vehicle. And the Home Brew Chef encorporates craft beers into all his menus. Can't say much more than that, as we were so focused turning out flatbread sammies that our reporters filled us in on the happenings.

After 5 non-stop hours, and 250 flatbread hot from the griddle, we were sold out!! Some celebrating with friends and local Porter ensued. By the light of the flaming snail car, we loaded Bessie up and took our happy selves home.