Goodbye to the Vesta truck...

Goodbye to the Vesta truck...
April 2013: We're sad to announce that the Vesta Flatbread food truck's last service will be April 13th. We are tremendously grateful for you, our amazing customers. Your support, loyalty, and positive feedback kept us going while we grew our business from a humble pop-up tent at two farmer's markets to a flashy brick oven-bearing food truck serving 4-5 days a week in three different cities. It's been an incredible ride. Vesta will be on hiatus for the remainder of the year, but stay tuned for more Vesta news in the future, as our quest for a brick and mortar project progresses.

We have a truck!

At long last, Vesta has found her mobile hearth on wheels, a lovely boat we decided to call Ceres, after the town she came from (it's near Modesto) and the Roman goddess of agriculture.

She won't look like this for long.
She's only been in our possession about a week and we've already had a few adventures together, not only on the road but also at the DMV and my neighbor's tree. Nonetheless we are over the moon about her, and can't wait to get her all tricked out and purty, and on the streets making food in time for the good weather.

If that wasn't cool enough, we're building a real (gas-fired) hearth oven aboard our ship, courtesy of local ovencrafters Pacific Coast Brick Ovens, and guess what? We need your help. Please take a moment to check out our Kickstarter project, linked above, and pass the word along to all sandwich-loving people!