Goodbye to the Vesta truck...

Goodbye to the Vesta truck...
April 2013: We're sad to announce that the Vesta Flatbread food truck's last service will be April 13th. We are tremendously grateful for you, our amazing customers. Your support, loyalty, and positive feedback kept us going while we grew our business from a humble pop-up tent at two farmer's markets to a flashy brick oven-bearing food truck serving 4-5 days a week in three different cities. It's been an incredible ride. Vesta will be on hiatus for the remainder of the year, but stay tuned for more Vesta news in the future, as our quest for a brick and mortar project progresses.

The magic's in the oven

One of the amazing things about the craft of artisan bread making is the endless variation we can get from the same three ingredients: flour, salt, yeast. We baker-geek types play around with temperature, mixing technique, time, water amount, flour type, and cooking method to end up with an endless array of finished products---all from what's essentially the same dough.

There are a lot of different ways to bake bread, but the most ancient one--the hearth oven--is still the best method for achieving the taste and texture artisan bakers prize. There's many variations on the hearth oven theme, from wood fired to all-electric to propane powered on a food truck (see where this is leading?) but they all work because of the same basic principal: radiant heat from all sides, and lots of it. The bread gets a fantastic initial rise in the oven, giving it an airier crumb, and finishes fast, allowing it to retain its moisture and keep fresh longer.

For example. Here's a photo of our flatbread dough baked as a crusty loaf in my home oven:
Same dough, different method.

We started out cooking our flatbread on a griddle because of the limitations of our pop-up setup: we needed something portable.

But then we got the opportunity to throw a piece of our dough into the lovely wood-fired oven of Pizza Politana, and we were hooked. Thus, our mobile hearth. Here's what happens to the same dough in the brick oven on our truck:

Not only is that cool to watch, but we now are getting a real, old-world pocketbread, and we really like the way the sauces of our sandwiches soak into the crumb inside. And of course, we hope you do too!

The Mobile Hearth is here!


Our official launch date is August 25th. Stay tuned (via FB, Twitter) for info on her whereabouts.

In the meantime we'll be busy testing our new cooking equipment; a stone hearth and spit rotisserie!

Photos courtesy of Mark Becker, thank you