Month: May 2017

Why We Should All Be Drinking Organic Fair Trade Coffee

Organic Free Trade Coffee

Ten Thousand Villages, as well as other reputable companies, offer organic fair trade coffee to consumers who are looking for the product. Are you already a fair trade coffee drinker? If you are, you are surely very well aware of the taste value and moral advantages of your choice. However, perhaps you have the habit of always buying the same mass-produced coffee that you have developed a taste for. Could it be time to try something new? Let’s have a look at a few reasons why we all should be drinking organic fair trade coffee.

It Support Environmental Sustainability

Organic practices either eliminate or reduce the use of harmful toxins, chemical additives and pesticides. That means that every time you make the decision to purchase organic fair trade coffee, you are in effect giving our precious environment a kind and helping hand.

It Supports Local Communities And Workers

Companies like Ten Thousand Villages are all about creating a product that is full of the traditions, culture and personality of the people. That mean that when you decide to opt for fair trade coffee, you are offering your valued support to local communities and workers; the people who are putting in the time and effort to bring you the product of their land.

It Delivers On A Better Taste

Organic fair trade coffee is all about being natural. The mass production of coffee is happening on a global scale, meaning a lot of coffee you buy in the store may be of a low quality and poor taste.

Organic coffee doesn’t tend to be about making a massive profit come what may, rather it is often focused on growing a slower crop, free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides and allowing the coffee to keep its own natural nutrients. In addition, the processing of organic coffee is carried out without the use of harsh chemicals, creating a product that is able to stay true to its natural state.

For the consumer, not only does this mean that the coffee is going to taste a whole lot better, it also tends to mean that it is going to be much better for your health.

Indeed, the message seems to be a clear one; organic free trade coffee is what we all should be drinking. Finding a coffee that can deliver on taste, quality and value doesn’t have to be too difficult a task. By choosing to buy from a reputable company like Ten Thousand Villages you can place an order with ease and assurance.

Some of the options available from Ten Thousand Villages are Congo Medium Roast, Peruvian Dark Roast, Bolivian Medium Roast and Dark Espresso Roast, as well as many more. Why not break the cycle and make your next coffee purchase an organic fair trade choice? It is very likely that once you try one cup of this delicious, nutritious and high quality coffee, you will never go back to your former habit!